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Registration: How to register and help with registration

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  • Registration: How to register and help with registration

    The modern age of the Interwebs is surely filled with wonder. But even paradise has a few harps out of whack. There are some bad actors out there and a few have found there way here over the years. We've had the forum hijacked for ransom, used as a platform to launch a DOS attack, and spammed ad infinitum, ad nauseum. I'm tired of dealing with all of that, so security measures here are pretty tight. Please bear with us.

    Hints for successful registration. 1) Register with an email from a common email domain. 2) Make sure that your email/IP does not come up in a stop spam forum check. 3) Include your first and last name in the information fields along with as much personal information as you can: DOB, city, a picture, something in the signature box - anything that distinguishes you from a bot. 4) Please avoid the urge to use offensive, provocative or any other screen name that's likely to invite scrutiny. Some variation of your name almost always passes screening. Please note that there is a minimum and maximum character limit for both user names and passwords. This, again, is to discourage bots.

    If you are having trouble registering it's because you failed to answer the confirming email that is required of most registrations, you are attempting to register from an IP or with an email address that has a bad reputation for spam or other misdeeds, or you look like a bot, spammer or other miscreant. Look in your spam folder for a confirming email if it does not appear in your inbox within a few hours. If your registration is rejected try using another email address or IP. The more your email looks like something created by an actual human and is associated with a reputable domain, the easier it is. Some domains, principally from Eastern Europe and Eurasia, are banned.

    Please note that I do not check the registration queue daily. It may take a few days for you to get moderated to new user status after you successfully complete your part of the process. Please don't email or PM me about registration unless it's been more than a few days.

    That's really all there is to it. It's easy peasy as long as everything looks kosher to the screening software. If not try again with a different email, IP or screen name. If that doesn't work, PM me. But please do that only after you've exhausted all other steps. Thanks and cheers.

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    Jeff Brandner, Bozeman Montana. 2019 Husqvarna 501FE Learned a lot in last years T1……strengths and weaknesses. Been taking part in hard endurance events around the world for 30 years and the T1 is next level. Endurance, navigation, technical and amazing terrain. I look forward to finishing the new 2022 course especially the sections past Salmon where we had to bail last year. Such a unique event across the finest parts of this country I feel fortunate to have an opportunity to experience all that waits along the trail.

    Steel Anderson, Bozeman Montana. 2019 Husqvarna 501FE Unfinished business. T1 is more than just riding your motorcycle across Idaho. Moto skills are just a small part of completing this event. It’s all the necessary skills put together that make it worth coming back for another try. Thank you Martin for always looking to make this event better every year. Looking forward to long days on the trail….also vying for the name Team Vigilante in 2022……just sayin.

    Start Date 07/28/2022