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  • T1 2021 Route

    I'll post updates about the 2021 T1 route here.

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    As promised, I've been looking into alternatives to National Geographic TOPO for creating the Tour waypoints. For the time being I've settled on Gaia - mostly because it uses the same map set.

    Gaia lacks a few of the handy features of TOPO, but it's current and anyone can access it. This will make the process of creating the route a bit more difficult for me, but more accessible and standard for everyone else. That's worth the trade off.

    I did find, during my research, that I'm not the only person who misses TOPO. It was the goods. There's still nothing quite like it.

    I'm using the premium paid version of Gaia, but the free version does a lot of what you might need. I'll have some test versions of the 2020 route up in just a few weeks so that you may play with them.

    Hopefully having a standard method of examining and creating waypoints will help the folks who are serious about navigation but were daunted by having to figure it all out on their own.

    Cheers all.