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Tour of Idaho tee-shirts, shop shirts, jerseys and stickers

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  • Tour of Idaho tee-shirts, shop shirts, jerseys and stickers

    Tour of Idaho stickers and togs!

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    A couple of individuals have stepped up and offered to help with tee-shirts, artwork and the like for this year's Tour apparel. One Tour vet has a great design for a tee-shirt and I'll let him and others speak for themselves. I may, if time permits, have some shop shirts made. Jerseys from KLIM are always an option. If you have ideas about artwork, logos, etc. or just opinions on what type of apparel, stickers, etc. you'd like to have available post here.


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      Thanks Martin.

      I've been toying around with a shirt for myself, with this being the latest iteration. My thought was to put Tour participants on the back, or team names, much like a concert shirt. Maybe "19" on the sleeves to commemorate the year. Once I'm happy with the design, layout etc, I was going to order myself a couple. But if anyone else has suggestions, I'd be happy consider it. The shirts can be ordered and shipped to a destination along the way to be picked up by participants. I live in Canada, so can't bring them with me. And if it all proves too hard, it's ok, it was just a thought.
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