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2019 Tour of Idaho T1 Teams

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  • 2019 Tour of Idaho T1 Teams

    Nineteen Teams, 34 riders. Here are your 2019 Tour of Idaho T1 teams. 1) Saws Together - Nick Sheehan, Tracy Sheehan
    2) Han Solo - Mark Patten
    3) Badges - Marc Huerth
    4) Going for Broke - Alex Skrepnik
    5) Lady Antebellum - Greg Baker, Tim Sherman, Carson Burhenne
    6) Redneck Friend - Jeffrey Jensen
    7) Buckeye - Dave Johnson, Jeremy Machamer
    8) T-Squared - Kurt Thomas, Winston Thomas
    9) Holy Rollers - Carrie Barton, Dave Barton, Larry Desaulniers
    10) Wheel Bearing Thugs - Damon Sullivan, Mark Bitterman, Larry Wright
    11) BA(D) Brent Asper
    12) Vote for Pedro - Mike Olson
    13) We're not in KS anymore - Randy Johnson, Tim Sweeten
    14) Canned Heat - Scott Taggart, Eli Gehard
    15) Circumspect Fellow - Nathan Kaban
    16) Dazed and Confused - Clay Tanner, Ted Czaplicki
    17) Kind of a Drag - Bill Buckingham
    18) CP2O - Chris J Polatis, Casey N Erin Polatis
    19) Always Sunny in Philly - Phil Wiegand, John Gravatt, Michael McGuckin

    Somebody needs to let Eli Gehard know that he's got about 24 hour to get admitted to the Facebook page or be dropped.

    Best of luck to all of you. The two most important things in determining your odds of success are preparation and attitude. If you prepare well, listen well, and show up with your mind right the worst that will happen is that you'll have a whole bunch of fun.

    Remember, T1 is not primarily a dirt bike ride - it's an outdoor adventure that involves a dirt bike as one of it's components. It's sort of like climbing a big mountain with a motorcycle. The motorcycle is important for sure, but the most important thing is you. Never once in my climbing career did I think that if my ropes and and compass were better everything would be just fine.

    This is a point that perennially goes over the heads of members of the racing community who show up in Jenkins Hollow who, despite our warnings, think that it's akin to 5000 labs around an enduro course. T1 is about as far from that as you can imagine. Navigation, first aid, mechanical skills, endurance, the ability to tolerate discomfort, the ability to think calmly and fast in tough situations, the ability to be completely self-sufficient and the ability to ride smart are all more important than how fast you are. The Tour of Idaho is littered with fast people who failed to finish. Most of them are pissed off about it too. Screw 'em if they couldn't listen.

    Longstanding members of this community have heard and seen it all. "How hard can it be?" "It's all old guys" are common refrains among those who've never come closer than an Internet connection. You'll get to find out in about a month and a half. Not a single party who's finished any version of T1 by CP rules has ever said afterward "It was casual." The common evolution of thought is more like "Whoa, I never expected anything like this." Once you are done, or even if you just go out there and make a good run at it, you are a member of the tightest-knit moto group on the world. That's because all of it's members know exactly what you went through to join us.

    Cheers all.

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    When is team Canned Heat launching. They are not listed on the calendar.


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      Originally posted by Randy Johnson View Post
      When is team Canned Heat launching. They are not listed on the calendar.
      Haven't heard from them in a while. Probably T2