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2023 T1 Participants and PLB links. Sign up here.

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  • 2023 T1 Participants and PLB links. Sign up here.

    2023 T1 Participants and PLB links - Please read the following

    Note: per PBR Monday 11/21/22 (watch this first), only teams I've already OK'd may register before 1/1/23. I team per day. First come, first serve. Teams in this first tranche may name themselves. Second tranche (letter of intent required) may register after 1/1/23. Teams in the third tranche may register after 1/3/23 (letter of intent and recommendation required).

    Format: Your name, your location, your PLB page link (a placeholder is fine for now, see below), the motorcycle you intend to bring and a bit about you and your experience. Skip a line between each team member please. Final line is start date. First come first serve on starting dates. We'll respond with your team name.

    Deadline is May 31th 2023. No exceptions. For 2023 the limit is 1 team per day for the length of the Tour Season (7/15 until early September, TBD). First come, first served.

    You must include your PLB page links, one per team member (no TBD or TBAs please, but you may use a temporary placeholder in the form of a made up link in the proper format if you are waiting to activate your subscription. This must be made final by the registration deadline and you will need to edit your posting here to reflect the permanent link). Please note: you get to create your own link as long as it's not already taken, so just choose a placeholder that you think will be unique and it'll save you work later. You will need to figure out how to password protect this page for the days that you are not allowed to publicly upload track points.

    Please note that all of your team members must also be a member of the Tour of Idaho Facebook group before your team will be assigned a name and be put on the calendar. It's easier for me if you do all of this before posting your PLB links and dates below. Thanks.​

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    Example Post

    Wyatt Earp, Tombstone, AZ., 2023 KTM350 XCF-W. Long time trail rider (20+ years). Relevant experience in locating things that are hard to locate in the middle of nowhere.

    Doc Holliday, Glenwood Springs, CO., HD Electraglide (with sidecar). I'm your huckleberry

    Start Date - 08/01/2023


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      Team Name: Dukes of "Hazard"

      Damon Sullivan, Portland/Bend, Oregon. , 2020 Beta 500 RRS, more than one tour attempt, avid rider, master of fixing $&(# in the middle of nowhere, many years of backcountry experience in the NW

      Nick Wood, Bend, Oregon. , 2013 KTM 500 XCFW, one previous tour attempt in 2021, avid rider, Wilderness First Responder cert, better navigator than Damon, many years of backcountry moto experience in the NW

      Start Date - 08/16/2023 (updated)

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        Team Name: TBD

        Brian Goss - Concord, New Hampshire
        . , 2017 Husqvarna FE350.
        2023 will be my second attempt, 2022 unfortunately ended on day 6. Very excited to give this incredible adventure another shot.


        Start Date: – 08/08/2023​


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          Sean Casey, North Ogden, Utah., 2020 KTM 300. Solid all-around rider with good fix-it skills.

          Jake Hirschi, South Ogden, Utah., 2022 KTM 300, rode my first dirt bike two years ago. Lifelong climber. Cams, carabiners, and dirt bikes are the same thing--tools that make adventure possible.

          Cuyler Stoker, Preston, Idaho., 2017 Husky TX300. I love the outdoors, two strokes make the world right.

          Team - PSV

          Start Date - 8/24/2023


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            Team Name: "Cinnamon Toast Clutch"

            Benjamin Sypher, Laveen Arizona (just south of Phoenix)
            2005 wr450f
            Benjamin - This is my third attempt at the tour. The 2016 attempt was an unforgettable adventure as a soloist. 2022 was cut short due to technical difficulties and bike issues. 2023 is the year!

            Michael Thompson, Ogden Utah
            2021 Sherco 300
            Michael - I grew up on a farm wrenching on and riding dirt bikes and still ride single track and desert races in Utah and Idaho today. (40 years) Yes, I have seen the dust of Micheal Knight’s bike as he lapped me at a Utah race and that is as close as our moto skills have ever been.

            Start Date = 8/21/23​
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              Team Name TBD

              JR Robinson, Coeur dAlene ID. 2017 KTM 450 sxf. I have been riding bikes since I was a kid but as a vehicle or a tool (farm kid). Caught the single track bug a few years ago and cant get enough. I am an avid outdoorsman and my job keeps me out a fair bit too. Goal this year is to NOT hit anything on D1.

              Erin Robinson, Coeur dAlene ID. (placeholder) 2017 KTM 350 xcf. Avid single track rider/ hunter. Love “Type 2 Fun” adventures. (the miserable during but fun in retrospect). I also have a lot of experience keeping JR from getting us lost.

              Start Date 8/25/2023


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                Team name TBD

                Oliver Mueller, Germany, PLB; 2017 KTM 500. Member of Team GS in 2022. 30 years of dirtbike riding in the woods. Navigation allrounder. Second attempt - 2022 ended early on D3.

                Max Mueller, Germany, PLB: (placeholder) ; 2018 Husqvarna FE250. Riding dirt bikes since the age of 4. Looking forward to this father son adventure

                Start Date - 08/03/2023​


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                  Team Name: TBD

                  Matt Lynn, Temecula, CA 2023 Husqvarna FE501s. Attempt number 2 for myself, 2022 ended on day 4. Had a hell of a challenging and good time this past year and learned a lot. I'm looking forward to giving this another go and enjoying riding my motorcycle!


                  Start Date 7/30/23​


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                    Team Name: “That’s what she said” (formerly team “Your Mom”)

                    Kaleb Gillman, Lindon, UT
          , 2013 KTM XCF-W. This is my second T1, the first was in 2021. Luke and I were successful, but we’re excited to ride the Legacy route and hope to be able to get through again with our cousin, Colby.

                    Luke Gillman, Lindon, UT
          , 2015 ktm 350 xcf-w. A lover of trail riding, especially in the mountains of Idaho. Looking forward to giving this adventure another go.

                    Colby Wells, Bluffdale, UT
          , 2016 Husqvarna 350 FE. I’ve Been riding dirt bikes for 30 years and love mountain single track, excited to use my experience and skill to test myself and team on the Tour of Idaho. I’m lucky to have a couple T1 finishers as cousins and now teammates, can’t wait for this adventure.

                    Start Date - 08/11/2023
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                      Team Name: "Honey Money Express"

                      Duane Coulter, Spokane Washington

                      2003 KTM 520 EXC Fresh Rebuild on a bike I've been riding for the last several years in North Idaho. I've been on dirt bikes since I was 6 years old in 1969. I'm going to make a solo run and focus on having the best time of my life!

                      Start Date: 8-12-2023


                      • OregonComrade48
                        OregonComrade48 commented
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                        Duane - something to keep in mind, if you leave Sat 8/12 your D2 short day in/around Pocatello is going to be on a Sunday and most moto shops will be closed, so if you were to need anything you may be out of luck....thought that was worth pointing out.

                      • singletrackscottm
                        singletrackscottm commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Duane, I second the suggestion from Oregon Comrade. You will know more details in the Spring with Martin releases the towns you will stay in. Some powersports stores are following trends of being closed on Mondays as well. Have fun in the planning stages, it really is the most amazing adventure on 2 wheels

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                      Team Name: Lewis, Clark & Pocahontas

                      Andrew HIxson, Post Falls, Idaho
             (place holder)
                      2019 Husqvarna FE501. I have been riding trails most of my life mostly in Northern Idaho. I am one of those "way up north" guys. I love any kind of adventure in the mountains.

                      Jed Overacker, Harrison, Idaho
             (place holder)
                      Bike KTM 500 EXC. Andrew is dragging me along for this adventure. I have been riding trails most of my life with him, and he convinced me we needed a new adventure.

                      Kyle Sexton, St. Maries, Idaho
             (place holder)
                      Bike 2023 Beta 500. I'm the glue that holds this team together.

                      Start Date: 7-31-2023
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                        Team Name: Macho Man Randy Savage

                        Scott Livingston, Garden City Utah,, 2021 Yamaha WR250F, I'm borrowing it from my 16 year old daughter, she rides like a man. One tour attempt in 17' Looking forward to another adventure in Idaho.

                        Connor Ward, Garden City Utah,, I like to mow grass and ride dirt bikes. 2022 KTM 350 EXC-F. 1st attempt. Average rider. When I put my mind to things... I DO.

                        Start Date: 8-22-2023
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                          Team Name: "TBD"

                          Justin Lewis - Portland, OR
                          ., 2022 Husqvarna FE350.
                          2023 will be third attempt at the tour and I have a burning desire to get this done.

                          Reno Marr - Damascus, OR., 2023 Husqvarna FES350.

                          Start Date: – 08/19/2023​​
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                            Team name-

                            Teroy Gaudin - Anchorage AK PLB LINK -TBD Bike 2021 tx300i most likely - 2nd attempt
                            Eric Johnson - Bend OR PLB LINK-TBD Bike 350 of some sort -1st attempt

                            Start date 08/23/23