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2019 Challenge Point modifications (all rider friendly)

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  • 2019 Challenge Point modifications (all rider friendly)

    Excellent convos during both Google Hangouts last night. I'd like to thank Kevin Hogan and Jeff Stoess for their insights and expertise and for agreeing to spend some time with us.

    Continuing our conversation from last night about adjustments to the challenge points I've decided to make one more. I'm going to make the D5 loop out and back to Sheephorn LO a bonus CP. Two reasons for this. The first is that I'd like to see you get to Salmon early that day. The second is that I'm a little worried that I have not allowed a sufficient margin of error for two and three member teams in case of fire or other trail closures. This helps with that quite a bit. So you may ride from 5Dxyz36 directly to 5Dxyz46 and skip Sheephorn LO if you wish without penalty. You will have to backtrack a bit from 46 to claim the CP at 5Dxyz45, but that's easy. This will save you at least 90 minutes. But if you have the time it's an easy extra CP to put in the bank.

    A question came up in another conversation about Challenge Sections. If you are a member of a team (soloists are not required to ride any challenge sections) and you don't ride the required number of challenge sections it's not a DQ, it's just a -1 CP penalty for each one that you don't ride. The Challenge Sections come in basically two varieties: time consuming but otherwise not a problem and muy, muy malo. Examples of the former are D2, D5, D6, D10. Examples of the latter are D1, D3, D4, D7, D8, D9. A few of the latter have put people in the hospital.

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    If a rider elects to get the Sheephorn LO, can they then go back to xyz36 and cut across to xyz46? Or do they have to xyz44 and 45 in order?


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      Elevenmile/Martin Creek (D4)

      Yesterday I rode the last trail that I had not gotten to yet (aside from some D10 stuff) that's new to the 2019 Tour - Elevenmile/Martin Creek on D4. Elevenmile/Martin Creek is a pretty cool trail. It's a little bumpy down low but just technical enough to make it fun and interesting. But once you leave the creek there is a climb-a-palooza to get over the divide into Squaw Creek. It gets your engine pretty hot on a lightly loaded bike and I think that on a Tour bike, near the end of a day, it's probably more than you need to deal with. Last time I rode in from the opposite direction. My bad for not riding it uphill before I put it on the Tour. It's all sawed and ready to rock, but I'm going to make it an option worth +1 CP. That means that all two and three member teams will follow the same route from Five Mile Creek to Squaw Creek. Any two or three member team who wishes to do Elevenmile/Martin over to Squaw Creek can claim an extra CP to put in the bank.

      With this I'm counting five optional routes worth a CP each: Elevenmile/Martin, Sheephorn LO, Henderson Ridge and two in the vicinity of Pot Mountain on D9, plus one that you may earn by hiking out to Salmon Mountain. Place those with the optional CP's one may earn by riding an extra Challenge Section and/or riding up a team member variation (or two) for an entire day and there are plenty enough extra points to make up for fires and other closures. I think we are done with this part of 2019 planning.
      It has been pointed out to me that this many extra points would allow rulebook hawks to conclude that they could avoid all challenge sections and make up the lost points by riding some of these easier alternatives.

      The person pointing this out is right. That being the case, and because of the bounty of extra points and selection of challenge sections available, we are going to go back to requiring that two member teams ride two CS's and three member teams ride three as a ground rule. Whether or not it'll be a DQ if you don't is to be determined but it'll be more than a single CP penalty.