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  • 2020 Calendars

    Each year I order between 50 and 100 Tour of Idaho calendars. Most of these go to friends in the powersports industry but I always reserve a few for private distribution.

    This poll is designed to give me an idea of how many extra calendars to order. If you are interested in a calendar please choose one of the options below. Please note that this doesn't commit you to anything, I'm just trying to get an idea of numbers.

    If you want me to reserve a calendar for you (to make sure that you get one) please also post your name and the number desired in an entry below the poll.

    Please note that the only two delivery options are for you to send me a postage paid pre-addressed envelope capable of holding an 8.5" x 11" calendar (or the number of calendars you want), with the money inside, or pick up the calendars at locations in Pocatello, TBA, and pay for them there. Nothing else works for me.

    The calendars are generally around $20 (slightly more if you choose to pick one up). This generally does not cover the cost of having them made but if there is any money left over it goes into saw gas. If you contributed a photo you get one free. If you are a business sponsor you get one or more free.

    If you would like a calendar mailed to you send me the pre-addressed and postage paid envelope to MotorcycleJazz c/o Martin Hackworth, 8759 Barton Road. Pocatello, ID 83204 The cost is $20 for this option and you may insert either a $20 bill or a check. Either is fine. If you prefer the pickup option I'll leave then for you at College Market in Pocatello where you may pick them up any morning. In this case the cost is $22 (includes a $2 tip for the barrista).

    Don't hesitate. These go fast.

    Cheers all.
    I would like a 2020 Tour of Idaho calendar mailed to me
    I would like a 2020 Tour of Idaho calendar that I will pick up in Pocatello.

    The poll is expired.

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      If you would put my name on at least one of them I will pick it up when available. Thanks Martin!!
      Brent Asper


      • bascout2
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        Since it looks like one of my pictures made the cut and is on the calendar I would like to pick up 5 of them when they are available.
        Thanks!! Brent Asper
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      I would like 2 calanders by mail. I will send a prepaid envelope.

      Mark Patten
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        I’ll take two. Will send an envelope.


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          I'll take a 2020, I'll send the money/postage.


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            I'll take one, I can pick it up when you get them.


            • Double D316
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              David Long

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            I would like one. I'll be watching for particulars, cost and estimated shipping cost, address etc
            Marc Huerth Thanks
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              I'll take one, can pick it up when they are ready.

              Justin McLing
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