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    We plan on running the Voyager Pro, In Reach Explorer + for PLB, and probably Gaia on our phones. The consensus on sending in daily routes seems to be from the Pro. So far, I haven't found a way to save or send anything from the InReach except for Mapshare. Has anyone tried sending a route from Gaia, or just stick to the Pro? I would like to have a backup route recording just in case something happens to the Pro. Thanks in advance!


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      You don't have to send in daily routes you send in the entire track when you finish.

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    Gaia is pretty easy. From a PC you can just share your track. The only problem I have run into is forgetting to start recording, and missing chunks of a ride. I liked the Voyager, not pro in my case, because it automatically started the track for me. One less thing for me to remember.


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      Thanks for the info!

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    Originally posted by Eastforku View Post
    We plan on running the Voyager Pro, In Reach Explorer + for PLB, and probably Gaia on our phones. The consensus on sending in daily routes seems to be from the Pro. So far, I haven't found a way to save or send anything from the InReach except for Mapshare. Has anyone tried sending a route from Gaia, or just stick to the Pro? I would like to have a backup route recording just in case something happens to the Pro. Thanks in advance!
    I am going to use my Voyager Pro as the primary for tracks I send to Martin. I plan on sending them from Sandpoint. Along the way I also plan on pulling each day's track GPX file and sending it to myself so that can check how they look if one of the hotels I stay in has a public computer I can jump on.

    I picked up SDCard reader with USB and IOS connectors that I can grab the files from my voyager to load onto my phone to let me send them from my phone at the end. We have 72 hours to submit them but right now I plan on taking a slow riding back to my truck so want to make sure I don't have to worry about getting back to my truck and laptop to send Martin the files.

    I will also have a Garmin 64 MapST recording and my Phone as well. The garmin I have on auto record, my Voyager I have to start and stop each recording and my phone I will start and stop each recording.

    I will be recording on my Phone with Caltopo straight over each map I created for each day. That will let me have a sense if I might of screwed up any navigation sections each day to help me decide if I need to go after extra challenge points.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	caltopo.JPG Views:	8 Size:	334.1 KB ID:	1592
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      Just an FYI for any one looking to buy the GL gas bags. They are currently out of the 1 gallon bags and are no longer making the 2 gallon bags. You can still find them at vendors though, I just ordered my 2 gallon tonight.

      Better get them now if you want one.


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        I was able to get some from Fuel Safe Systems (

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      Anyone have any experience with the new Garmin Zumo XT and how it compares to the Montana or the Voyager Pro?


      • msteward
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        team armadillo, I think, was going to use a montana along with TT, he maybe able to enlighten you on the difference there. Even though he ended up using 2 TT.

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      Anyone use Garmin handhelds? They are popular with enduro riders and I have a newer GPSMAP 66sr that I bought primarily for hiking but it works pretty well on my bike. I like how durable it is and the fact that the keys are really easy to use with gloves. The screen is really small and that seems like the only real downside. But I keep thinking that maybe two mounted side by side at different zoom levels would work well, with topo maps printed and/or saved on my phone.


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        I used the 66i along with the TT and I did like it. But I did zoom both of them in and out all the time I just couldn't seem to find the right zoom for every situation. I had a 60csx and still do but mostly used it for tracking and track back and following tracks I had made before which I liked. It started freezing on me though and that wasn't good when I needed it, why I got the 66i. I actually may have liked it a little better than the TT as far as when I turned the bars the arrow would turn also on the TT it would not so that was some help. But the TT had good points also.But I am happy with the 66i so far, I just need to use it a lot more to get to know it better.
        I finally realized that the 66i can be used in an emergency to route you somewhere if needed. I had never used it like that before.

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      On my Tour ride the summer of 2021 I used the following devices for Nav:
      • Primary - Trailtech Voyager Pro with the Billet Mount on a MotoMinded Stout Mount with the Tilt Wedge.
      • Secondary - My iPhone in a Hondo Garage mount with the Buzkill Vibration Isolator to protect the camera
      • Backup - Garmin GPSMap 64ST

      I used CalTopo to create custom maps for each day for each device. I use Forest Service 2016 map for all the days after Day 2. For Day 1 I used Map Builder and for Day 2 I used Scanned Topo as my base map layer.

      During the ride I never used the Garmin but it was important for a backup GPS track as my Voyager locked up for a couple of hours during day 2 so I didn't have a good GPS file from it for that day. The issue I didn't like about the Garmin is that it's battery life seemed short and it was exposed up on the bars where I mounted it so that I could read the screen. On a ride like the Tour next time I would not mount the Garmin on the bars and it would just be a backup GPS recording device in the top on my pack. Worst case if I lost my phone and my Trailtech died then I could have used the Garmin to Navigate with, but losing your phone is realistically a tour ending event anyway (more than likely).

      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_5765.jpg
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      However, since the tour I got myself and my wife a Garmin Fenix Pro smart watch as early Christmas presents and have been riding with it constantly. It records almost identically as the recordings on my TrailTech. However this testing of the recording accuracy has been in Desert riding where the view to the sky is open all the time. I will test it in mountainous terrain when i can over the winter and more extensively early next summer. I love the body data the Fenix provides about how the previous day went. It is super easy to record an activity and I linked it to a Strava account to save the activities where I could get good summary data as well. Strava is definitely not needed but I had been wanting a better option than AllTrails to record my rides throughout the year and as much as Strava is annoying in not having a Dirt Bike activity it does have great data - particularly when you have heart rate data.

      You can see the difference in recordings for a recent ride I did here:

      The Fenix watch lasts a few weeks without charging if you don't use the GPS. If you do use the GPS the battery lasts for 18+ hours which is plenty for a Tour of Idaho day. It recharges very quickly.

      I just thought I would put this out there for the gadget nerds out there looking at the Tour in 2022.
      Click image for larger version

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        zzseansmith thanks for all of your write-ups. In an earlier one you said this:
        "05-26-2021, 06:11 AM. Luke, If you update your Voyager Pro software to the latest update you can now load custom maps. I have created a custom map for each day of the tour that takes Martin's official way points and then I add the challenge points and some additional markers for areas I think i might want more information. I then use either Forest Service 2016 base map that Caltopo provides or their Mapbuilder Topo base map. I overlay the MVUM layer and then use the CalTopo Export to MBTile format option to create a custom map I put on the SD Card I have in my Voyager Pro.

        Obviously if you are used to using the MVUM maps you know they are an awesome tool but often enough are just not correct when it comes to the trail on the ground so I use them as a guide not a rule. The trail on the ground and Martin's way points will be the ruling principal I ride against."

        I'm new to the TTVP and CalTopo. I have figured out the basics of making a custom map using the Mapbuilder Topo or Hybrid base layer, adding the MVUM layer, and the 2022 D1 GPX waypoints. The waypoints are active while in CalTopo. When I "print" to MBTiles to my SD card and then open the map in the VP, the waypoints are visible but it's just a picture of them. A few questions if you don't mind:
        - How do I get live waypoints? Do I have to also import Martin's .gpx files onto the VP SD card?
        - How do you navigate from one waypoint to the next in the VP?
        - What resolution do you use on the MBTiles? I used zoom 15, 1:24,000 to keep it under the export limit of 8,000 tiles. When looking at the imported map on the VP and zooming in, it gets a little murky.
        - Seems like the base map in the VP is pretty good you really need to import a CalTopo map which is not as crisp as the Trail Tech base map?

        Sorry for the seemingly basic questions but I've spent hours on the tutorials and can't get past these! Thanks to anyone who may jump in with tips.



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          Originally posted by zzseansmith View Post
          On my Tour ride the summer of 2021 I used the following devices for Nav:[LIST][*]Primary - Trailtech Voyager Pro with the Billet Mount on a MotoMinded Stout Mount with the Tilt Wedge.
          One note for the Voyager Pro users - I just had my second plastic (standard) TT Vpro mount fail. The first gave up during the Tour on day 8, it stopped charging the Vpro. I replaced it with a new one after the Tour, and that one just failed. The first one lost connection inside somewhere and the charging pin was dead; it was definitely inside the unit. This latest one, the charging pin lost it's spring tension and no longer extends above the base. I've asked TT for advice - will post when I get an answer.

          Thought I'd pass this along. Maybe the billet mount is more robust? Let us know your thoughts Sean and others,

          Chuck W.


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            The TT aluminum dock is the only way to go. Once you buy one and compare it to the plastic dock, you wonder why TT even ships the unit without a better dock. Hopes this helps

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          Good to hear the aluminum dock is solid.

          Update from TT - They got back to me this morning, and say they have updated the standard mount in the past 6 months, and addressed the issues with the pins. I sent them a couple pictures of the issue, and they are going to get me one of the upgraded mounts. Great customer service and response from Trail Tech.

          You might want to upgrade your base if it's more than 6 months or so old. I'll post a pic when it arrives if it looks significantly different.

          Included a pic of the pin issue with the current mount, about 7 months old.


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            Originally posted by chuckw-offroadmc View Post

            Maybe the billet mount is more robust?
            Chuck W.
            I agree they are a much better design and should resolve the issues.

            I have 2 of the aluminum docks available if anybody needs one in a pinch. practically brand new.



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              Final mount update - the new/upgraded one that TT sent arrived. Excellent customer service, appreciate their approach on this issue.

              The mount looks just like the old plastic one, no exterior difference. Pins look and feel (resistance) about the same. Will test it out and see how it goes!

              They did suggest using dielectric grease on the pins, which I will try going forward. I don't think that would have resolved the failed spring tension, but it would prevent the pins and base corroding maybe.