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Ancillary equipment for the Tour.

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    Thanks. Good info. GL saddle bags? How did you attach fuel?


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      Originally posted by Brothers Gibb View Post
      Thanks. Good info. GL saddle bags? How did you attach fuel?
      I am using a wolfman e-base system with rollies. It is perfect for the fuel bags as it has attachment points that make it easy to mount. I just use titan straps to hold the bags and it worked great through some very varied terrain on this loop. From fast desert whooped out trail to technical ledgey trails and tight technical desert single track.

      I was riding with more stuff than I will for the Tour as we camped off our bikes so I had a sleeping bag, thermarest, Bivy, stove and food that I won't have for the tour.

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        I have the GL Mojave saddle bags. I ended up with a single 2 gallon GL fuel bag. Basically because this option was $100 less. Will update how it works.


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          With the Mojave bags you loop the side bag straps though each end of the GL fuel bag. Then using the GL straps loop though the fuel bag in the middle to the top of the Mojave bags, where the top bag mounts. I use the top bag and have carried both 1 and 2 gallon fuel bags this way. The fuel bag sits side saddle behind you, and is held securely and doesn't shift around.


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            What is solutions to keep bags off pipe - does the GL muffler protector work as intended?


            • zzseansmith
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              Worked great for me on two different five day rides last summer and then again recently on an overnight desert ride to shakedown my gear for this summer.

            • Carrie156i
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              The GL protector worked fine for the whole 10 days for everyone on my team in 2019.

              I would suggest packing a small bottle of zipper lube/cleaner for all tour gear, bags included. The amount of grime that will build up on things is incredible and all your zippers will get a bit sticky.

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            Yes, it works. Just be careful with the tails of your straps touching the exhaust and header. Typically not an issue if running a 2 stroke.


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              Going to pick up a recovery kit for the Tour but thought I might see if anyone bought one and wants to sell it before I order one. Let me know please.


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                Regarding the PLB, in my case Garmin InReach, Martin said we need to make sure we can receive messages was he referring to the:

                "Allow map viewers to send you messages" option?

                I assume once we hook up on D2 and I get his info into my PLB he'll be able to send me messages like any other contact?


                • David Powell
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                  You are correct

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                Anyone have a good recommendation for shoulder protection for the tour? I'm recovering from a shoulder surgery, and would like some hard armor for the shoulders, but don't need a whole chest protector/roost guard for the tour. My googling has come up empty. All the decent shoulder protection I've found has a chest/back protector attached and is too bulky. Does anyone make something for just the shoulders?


                • Sean Casey Ogden
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                  Shoulders... Talk to experts, the docs that the active docs see and talk to, the ones that care to get you fit to perform. I'm not a doctor, I have just been busted and recovered a hell of a lot, still... Study how your shoulder works, and know your weakness. Be smart, take time. Strong shoulders and knowing what not to do is likely your best protection. Depending on what remains messy will determine how you get fit and how you prevent ripping things up again. As a whitewater kayaker of the '80s, my shoulders are scar tissue. I've give up high risk motions. I keep my elbows below my shoulders. I ride and train to not crash, but when I do I try and keep my arms in.

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                Good luck with your shoulder surgery recovery, that's not fun. I typically ride with shoulder/chest protection, but did not for the Tour. Both of us wore both the Klim arsenal vest, and a backpack. I don't believe armor would have worked with all of that, and if I could have made it fit I'm afraid it would have been uncomfortable. Comfort would be my top priority; days are long and as Martin notes, if it's mildly uncomfortable at the start it will be a major distraction later.

                Maybe integrate the shoulder pads from a roost guard with your vest or backpack straps? Whatever you choose, I'd test it a bunch prior to the Tour.


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                  Long-distance trips are really an idea that you need to plan in advance. For documents, someone chooses breast bags, someone chooses an ordinary pocket. Cash is needed, but it's better not to keep a lot in your wallet right away, otherwise they will see more — and the "fine" will grow or another reason will appear, and scammers are everywhere — it's better not to shine. Small money in the currency of the country you are traveling in. Larger ones can be put under a helmet or in protection. If you are traveling to another country, it is better to take an international bank card (two are more reliable). And also take care of motorcycle tyres. This is also very important.
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