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  • Tour of Idaho For Sale

    You may use this thread to post items for sale from your Tour of Idaho or Tour of Idaho attempt. Please note: this thread is not for vendors or retailers. This is strictly for Tour vets to pass along useful used gear.

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    I have a slightly used (9 days) Ogio Flight vest that successfully completed the TID. I'll take $90 for this one including shipping. If the buyer wants, I'll even include genuine TID dust, otherwise, I'll clean it before shipping. It includes a 70 oz water bladder. We froze our water bladders at night and it helped keep our backs cool for a short while during the morning.

    email [email protected]

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      I have my GL (Giant Loop) saddlebags for sale, $90 shipped (US) and it includes the accessory tool pouch. Like the flight vest I have for sale, these bags were used for TID and that's it, 9 or 10 days including practice.

      email [email protected]…/giant-loop-mojavi-saddlebag

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        I have a brand new Lectron 38mm High Velocity Power Jet carb for sale that I purchased from Slavens. Included is a 3-2 metering rod as well as the original metering rod and the adjusting tool. This is a warranty replacement unit and has never been installed.Included is the complete throttle cable and throttle grip.
        I had the original installed on my 2018 KTM 250 XC-W and could not get the milage needed for the tour. I replaced the Lectron with the stock Mikuni and my milage improved significantly. This was the set up I completed last years tour with.
        I returned that carb to Lectron and they replaced it with this unit. Since any new bike will most likely be fuel injected, I do not have a use for this one. I am looking to find a home for this and can make you a sweet deal.
        Thanks, your Red Neck Friend Jeff Jensen
        email [email protected]


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          My partner and I ended up with two of the Cascade Rescue kits. This one has been carried but never deployed. $120 shipped and it's yours.


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            Originally posted by Pundy View Post
            My partner and I ended up with two of the Cascade Rescue kits. This one has been carried but never deployed. $120 shipped and it's yours.
            I will take it. PayPal?


            • Pundy
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              Shoot me a text at 207-215-2789. My name is Sam Punderson

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            I’m looking to buy a 4 gallon fuel tank for my 2015 Beta 500rs. I’m planning to do the Tour of Idaho this August. If you have something I’m very interested. Please let me know if you can help me out.
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            • MRAK
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              I am on a 2014 520 rs. and the old Clarke 3.8 gallon tank fits it.. kinda your 15 is still carburated right? only the 350s were FI in 15 I think. if so you can get a new Clarke tank from a vendor for about $230. it is not a perfect fit. there is a video on you tube from sugar mama racing of a guy putting one on a 15 Beta 390. the two radiator bolts line up good, and you can use one of the bolts on the top front bracket.
              Beta Clarke Fuel Tank Install is the video title

              I got a used one from Purvines Racing, They had one laying around after they switched to Yamahas. they said that they used the two radiator bolts and a big ziptie on the back hole. (it fits and does not rub on anything. )

              right now my concerns are 1, that there is not as much airflow through these as there is on the IMS tank that is a correct fit and it could cause heat dissapation problems on a 500 that were not a problem on the 350s. I have heated up my 520 on some of day 7s trails with the stock tank. less air at altitude cooling the radiators. but I may put in a colder thermostat or pull it out for the tour altogether. I am changing the temp the fan kicks on at. never got it over 230* but i could have. also modifying the radiator fins will allow more airflow through the radiator.

              , does not protect the radiators as much as the IMS tank. mandating radiator guards

              Also If you have not changed to steel oil pump gears, replace your plastic ones with some or put new oem ones in before riding the tour. your 15 should only be 2 gears my 14 was 3 gears. the 2 gear system is much better. the oem ones have to be replaced every 100 hrs anyways.
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            Trail Tech Voyager Pro and mount. Contact Brian D. Lee through the Facebook group if you are interested (PM me if you have problems doing this). Brian and his brother are Tour veterans and good guys. If Brian tells you that the sun's not shining tomorrow, you'd best go get you a blanket. Don't know what he wants for this but whatever he tells you about it is word. Buy with confidence. Click image for larger version

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