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Mind and body training for the Tour

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  • Mind and body training for the Tour

    Discussion of fitness regimes, vegan diets, Vulcan mind melds, sigma 6 training, ...

    Please note: The Touracles reserve the right to address any entry in this thread with catcalls, abuse and hoots of derision. It's for your own good.

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    I spend quite a bit of time on my mountain bike especially 6 months before the TOI.


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      During the off-season my fitness regime alternated between strength training and cardio/endurance. Three days a week I used the “Stronglifts 5x5” workout for strength training. There is an app that tracks your progress and has videos on how to properly perform the basic power lifting exercises. For my cardio I hit the spin classes available at my gym twice a week and sometimes on Saturday. When the Tour of Idaho trails were open I maintained the strength training and rode my motorcycle as much as possible and usually packing a chain saw. While riding I practiced using my gps and PLB and became proficient at transferring track files to and from my computer. Then I pretty much memorized the entire route from start to finish. For me being able to recognize the names of the trails and places I was riding gave me a lot of peace of mind because it didn’t feel like I had just travelled to another planet.
      Brent Asper


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        I am utilizing the Concept 2 Rowing Machine and the Concept 2 Ski Erg, rowing/skiing 5K meters on each machine, 3 to 4 days per week between now and our Tour Start. We race cross country every other weekend between now and mid June so that will be the seat time. Obviously racing doesn't mimic the type of riding done on the tour, but it will have to do. On off days or good weather days, I will substitute the rower/ski erg for the my mountain bike, as I have a good 13 mile loop I can ride from the house. I know I should incorporate some strength training, but it is hard to find the time with all of the other chores. I hope to be in good shape before our tour starts. In mid June when the race season is on summer break, I will be able to get a few more weekend rides on the fully loaded tour bike. Also, starting this week, no more hard alcohol until after the tour. Just an occasional beer.


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          no more hard alcohol until after the tour. Just an occasional beer
          Life is not about deprivation....ancient triathlete proverb

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        This week I had to write a couple papers on what type of leader style I am and the relationship of motivation and emotional intelligence. In my research I found a couple studies on Motivational Intelligence. The study of how one reacts to given situations in life and various experiences. While writing that particular paper and reading the research on both MQ and EQ, it made me wonder exactly how important one’s mental state has to be on this particular endeavor as well as the vast amounts of potential challenges presented. Physical ability and physical training is one thing, but what about one’s mental training? I wrote my paper with the conclusion the MQ is the emotion of the presentation of the situation and EQ was the emotion of getting through the situation. Basically do you just give up and die or do you Endeavor to persevere! After all it’s just a motorcycle ride, right!!!
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