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  • T1 2020 Trail Clearing

    We'll use this thread to keep track of which trails have been cleared on D3 - D10. (D1 and D2 have always been cleared by the time Tour season comes around.
    In the past we've used a spreadsheet to keep track of this but this year we'll just keep track of things in this topic, which should be easier. Here's the format: Day, Tour trail name, trail number, clear/not clear, date of observation and notes. For example: D5, Eddy Creek/Camas, 4134, not clear, 6/23/2020. Notes: Trail is sawed up to the pass from both sides but there is still deep snow up high.

    In the past we've had arguments about who did what first. In case you don't know some trails have to be sawed repeatedly since new trees fall every time the wind comes up. So no slagging anyone over their report. And names of who did what are not necessary but also not forbidden (in the notes). Even if you didn't do the work yourself if you know firsthand the condition of the trail you are free to post it here.

    No questions here, just reports on what's been done. Make sure you are certain before you post here as well. Thanks.

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    Day 3 Ketchum to big Smokey store Nominal route. These trails have been cleared multiple times this season by local riders. Warfileld- South fork trail (7151) cut and clear. Red warrior (7120) cut and clear. Middle fork of south fork (7199) cut and clear. Middle fork of warm springs (7150) cut and clear. Dollarhide trail (7995) cut and clear. Big peak (7016) cut and clear. Lick creek (7080) cut and clear, the one and two man section Down to FS 227. Unsure on the 3 person section down to east fork of big peak (7076) 6/15/2020

    Day 3 and Day 4. Big Smokey (7072). Cut and clear entire trail. 6/12/2020

    Day 4 Grand prize ( 7112) cut to Bowery guard station. Mostly clear of snow except for a few drifts near waypoint 4Dxyz24 passable with a little effort should be melted out in a week or so. Little boulder (7682) cut and clear. Big boulder is cut out except for a few trees in the last mile near Livingston mine clear of snow. 6/22/2020


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      Jeff Jensen and I recut and cleaned up these trails today 6/27/2020. Not a lot of trees down on Paradise. Others have been cutting out these trails this season as well. It takes a village!

      Day 3

      Big Smoky (7072) Cut and Clear. 6/27/2020

      Day 4

      Paradise (7070) Cut all the way thru and clear of snow to snowslide pass. Snowslide pass is passable with a few snow drifts on the Northside. Easy going down, but probably a little sporty if you tried going up snowlide pass. Should be melted out in 1-2 wks. 6/27/2020

      West Fork (224) Cut and Clear to Mule Ck. 6/27/2020

      Mule Ck (198) Cut and Clear. 6/27/2020


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        Day 3 CS- Placer Creek/ East Fork of Big Peak (7076).

        Placer Creek was cut and clear to the top, some snow at the top was reported by Jeff Jensen but it is passable, Should be gone in 1-2 wks. 6/20/2020

        East Fork of Big Peak (7076). Cut and Clear. Some sawyers and local beavers got in a little ways already and cut the first mile. Jeff Jensen and I rode it thru and crossed big smokey ck. cut and clear. Its ready for your enjoyment! 6/28/2020.

        Lick Ck (7080) 3 man team variation down to east fork of big peak (7076) Cut and clear. 6/28/2020


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          Day 5: Southern Third ending at the Challenge Section

          Clear up to the lookout, Camas-Eddy Creek, Eddy Basin, and Little West Fork.

          Significant downfall starting on the West Fork Morgan Creek and continuing up on to Darlin-Castle Creek trail. Although I (and someone before me) cut quite a bit, I'd estimate 50-100 remaining trees blocking the trail. Several are 2+ foot in diameter.

          Remainder of course to the Challenge Section was for the most part clear.


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            Keith, you mentioned In your other post that you rode all of day 3.... was burnt aspen completely cut out? Thanks

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            Keith, exactly what trail has 50-100 remaining trees? We are going to head up there, but want to maximize our time. If you can give me a detailed report of what you observed needing to be cut out still. maybe from what waypoint to waypoint did you ride and cut and starting at what waypoint still needs to be cut.
            thanks Mike
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          Mike, Burnt Aspen was clear when I went through. However, that was the day before the snow storm moved through early last week.


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            Day 4 and 5 update. Jeff Jensen, Tommy Richardson and myself went up to Challis and cleared parts of day 4 and 5. 7/11/2020

            Day 4. RailRoad Ridge (70669) cut and clear.

            Day4. French Creek Trail. cut and clear to the salmon river.

            Day4. From the Salmon river waypoint 4Dxyz47 thru 4Dyz0. nominal route is cut and clear. Thompson ck, fs 040, cinnabar 162, fivemile ck, yankee fork rd, Mckay ck, buster lake trail 4152

            Day 5. We rode out west fork of Morgan ck rd and started at D5xyz15 and cut and cleared thru to 5Dxyz 38.

            Day 5 West Fork of Morgan Ck Trail 4143 cut and clear. A few very large trees are still across the trail but easy work arounds.

            Day 5 West forks cutoff/furnace ck 4138

            Day 5 Darling castle ck

            Day 5 black/alder ck 4135

            Day 5 corral/hat ck 8360

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