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  • 2020 t5

    For those of you interested in T5 so here's an early tidbit of information for you. It'll be a bear. It might take me all day to ride the first two trails (less than 20 miles). Gird your loins.

    T5 riding is not my thing, but I know that it is right in some of your wheelhouses so we'll do the best job that we can of making sure that you at least have accurate nav. The rest, however, is up to you. And yes, the trail really does go there.

    If you are thinking about a 2020 T5 please leave a comment below. If there is sufficient rider interest this will get bumped up on my list of things to do over the winter.

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    Myself, Jeremy Mac(AKA young Jeremy), Old Jeremy, Jimmy-P, Roy-Boy Wagner, and Josh Cetto all Plan on a 2020 T-5 trip at this point in time.


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      The T5 is something that I am definitely interested in.


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        I have enlisted the help of a couple of gen-you-wine riding studs to finish putting this together. When I showed them what I had so far the both busted out laughing. Depending on one's level of ability that's either way good or way bad.


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          cant wait martin, this is what i have been looking for, scenic yet making you possibly cry at the same time


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            Hey Martin, this is Nathan McMasters. I'm definitely interested in doing it with my oldest boy. As always, thank you!


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              When i did the T-1 Route Planning it felt like homework..... I find myself excitedly awaiting the release of the T-5 route this year so i can get to work on it, and see what is in store