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T1 packing - what to take and what to leave behind

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  • T1 packing - what to take and what to leave behind

    This is where Tour vets will tell you what they took with them and as importantly what they did not. Note that this will vary tremendously between one, two and three person teams. Once the thread is well-populated I'll open it up so that everyone may interact.

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    #0 My kit. I've done the Tour several times with only minor variations on this kit. Group A - Navigation, Group B - carry items, Group C - wearable items, Group D - bike mods. I'm almost always solo and that means that I carry a bit more than most individuals on teams carry.

    Group A

    1) TT Voyager (Voyager Pro not available when I did my last Tour)
    2) Garmin GPS (currently GPSMap64st)
    3) Inreach PLB paired with my smartphone. Earthmate app on smartphone with entire Tour topo set downloaded.
    4) Copy of 100K paper maps

    Group B (Read this first)

    1) Very spartan tool kit including several multi-tools. This varies from bike to bike. If you have to rebuild your top end on the trail you're hosed anyway so leave everything behind but essentials: tire irons, a few wrenches and sockets, pliers, hex keys, multi-tools, zip ties, duct tape, tube patches, small pump, etc. Motion Pro makes some very useful combo tools - like tire iron/socket wrench combo's that I like. I also drill holes in a lot of tools to make them lighter.
    2) First aid kit. I have Backcountry EMT cert so I build mine myself. These days you may choose between a zillion inexpensive and useful kits for purchase.
    3) GL Fuel bags - 2 @1 gallon capacity each
    4) Cascade Rescue Bike Recovery Kit - the good one. Buy once, cry once. You'll understand where your money went if you have to use it.
    5) TT LED Helmet light (wired into the bike's harness) with battery backup.
    6) Extremely lightweight bivy bag and foil blanket
    7) Large bottle of ibuprofen
    8) Powdered electrolytes
    9) Plastic garbage bags (3 or 4)
    10) Striker fire starter
    11) NORCO Genius GB40 or 1500
    12) One spare 21" UHD tube
    13) Very light weight and foldable set of running shoes (Nike Free's are good for this if you can handle dealing with Nike)
    14) Lightweight non-cotton over the knee shorts.
    15) Lightweight non-cotton LS spare tee
    16) Spare socks
    17) Bear Spray
    18) Benadryl
    19) Three liter water capacity in my KLIM Krew. I freeze the bladder each night. I pound as many liquids as I can at each fuel stop and fill all of my pockets with water bottles to augment what's in my bladder.
    20) A pocket full of energy bars.
    21) KLIM Arsenal - I wear this under my Krew and without it's hydration bladder.
    22) GL Mojave bags
    23) Various small GL bags.
    24) Silky BigBoy 2000 - coarse teeth (yellow handle)

    Group C (Read this first)

    1) KLIM F4/F5 Helmet
    2) KLIM Dakar Pro jersey and OTB pant
    3) KLIM Adventure gloves
    4) Gaerne SG12 boots.
    5) KLIM Stowaway Jacket
    6) Moisture wicking tee shirt
    7 Moisture wicking shorts
    8) Lightweight vest
    9) I don't carry rain gear other than the Stowaway. If the forecast calls for rain I purchase a disposable plastic rain outfit in whatever town I happen to be in at the time and use it. Plastic garbage bags and duct tape will also work well in a pinch. Gore Tex is almost useless for wet riding in above freezing temperatures in brush. I also don't ride in armor for the Tour because it's too hot and bulky.

    Group D

    1) Rekluse clutch and LHRB - It's nearly impossible to frag a properly adjusted Rekluse clutch and the Left Hand Rear Brake is the schizz-nizzle. Just don't hop on your mountain bike too quickly after the Tour.
    2) TT Fan kit - the ability to adjust is the thing that sets this kit apart.
    3) Wraparound hand guards.
    4) USB charging port
    5) LED headlight
    6) 4.5+ gallon fuel tank
    7) Stiff sidewall enduro tires with Bridgestone UHD tubes and Slime
    8) Seat Concepts seat
    9) DoubleTake Mirrors
    10) Safety wire or Loctite every fastener.

    I'm sure that there are a few things I forgot. I'll add them as I remember them.

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